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You're not in the Seychelles: you're in South Corsica!

Palombaggia, Santa Giulia...

Legendary beaches

Discover the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, before you step on the sand for real!


According to a ranking on the Tripadvisor website, the beach at Palombaggiain Porto-Vecchio, in CorsicaThis year, the French beach was named the prettiest beach in France.

This pure marvel is one of the most beautiful on the island. Its shallow waters also make it a children's paradise.

Palombaggia offers breathtaking views of the Cerbicale Islands. These five bare islands, popular with birds and often battered by the wind, are classified as a nature reserve.

This natural beauty extends as far south as Cap d'Acciaghju, via the beaches of Cala di Lume, Tamaricciu, and the Folacca. Some fifteen kilometres of fine sandy beaches and wild coves, dotted with bright green umbrella pines and pink rocks plunging into sparkling turquoise water.

To the south of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio: the bay of Santa Giulia. A lagoon bathing at the foot of a mountain on miles of fine white sand... This is one of the most famous beaches in Southern Corsica. The shallow waters make it a veritable sea garden for children.

To the north of the bay, you will first find the Santa Giulia Marina and the small beach of Petraggione. Further south, you will reach the long beach of Santa Giulia with its umbrella pines separating the beach from the lagoon.

Sports & leisure

 Around the beaches

Water sports and diving clubs await you to enjoy the activity of your choice: stand-up paddle, kayak, sailing, water-skiing, buoyancy, jet-skiing, diving off the Cerbicale islands...

In the heart of nature

A real life-size playground, the South Corsica region offers you its paths, rivers and forests to have fun with friends or family. Get off the beaten track and enjoy yourself in complete safety! Our partners, who are all qualified professionals, will take you to some of the most beautiful sites in the world, so you can experience some unforgettable moments. Hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, adventure courses, fishing... The choice is yours!


Take to the woods!

Looking for fresh air 

The mountains are waiting for you!

Discover unspoilt natural environments, rare and endemic flora and fauna, sumptuous panoramas and a rich ecological and historical heritage!

Walks & Hikes


Along the way, you will learn about the work carried out by the Conservatoire and its managers. The maquis has been preserved to a large extent thanks to the regular upkeep of the paths, which prevents this much-frequented area from being wandered over and trampled. Among the protected plants of TamaricciuOne of these trees has given its name to the site: the African tamarisk.


Discover the Zonza forest in its eastern part with a magnificent panoramic view over the plain. A path rich in maquis plants and shrubs.

The peaks of Bavella form an impressive massif of pinnacles carved out of red granite. The Col de Bavella (1,243 m) is considered to be the most beautiful in Corsica for the extent and richness of its panorama.


Discover exceptional natural environments such as the "pozzine" (water holes of varying depths and irregular shapes), rare and endemic flora and fauna, a summer pasture area, a transhumance area of great ecological interest.


In days gone by, the villages were linked by mule tracks. These paths, which enabled people to trade between villages, have been preserved and reopened to tourists.





An archaeological complex dating back to the 4th millennium BC, situated at an altitude of 60 metres and offering superb views. It consists of a cyclopean enclosure surrounding a village and enclosing a monumental "torre".


A short path in the centre of the village (40 mins AR) will take you to a circular monument about 12 m in diameter dating from 1350 BC. The panorama from here is exceptional.


Discover two remarkable sites along a footpath: "le Casteddu de Cucuruzzu", a fortified settlement dating back to the Bronze Age, and "le Casteddu de Capula", a medieval fortification built in the 10th century by Count Bianco.

pace e salute,

Porto Vecchio!

Night & day

The pearl of Southern Corsica

Day and night, Porto Vecchio vibrates to the rhythm of authentic Corsica. Gastronomy, culture, fiestas: take your pick!

Restaurants & bars


Are you looking for a good restaurant for a romantic dinner or a relaxed lunch? Whether you're looking for a farmhouse inn in the hinterland, a straw hut by the sea or a brasserie in the town centre, the Porto-Vecchio region offers a wide choice of restaurants. Gastronomic, traditional, Corsican or seafood specialities, pizzerias, grills, world cuisine, snack bars... There's something for everyone!


Do you like going out, having a drink and listening to music? You won't be disappointed... Porto-Vecchio is full of trendy places to spend some really great evenings!
For the more discerning, we have the Ice Cream and Brasserie terraces. The unmissable Wine Bar, with its Corsican songs and guitars, guarantees a great atmosphere! The more intimate Bar Lounge, with its cocktails and sea view...

Still not sleepy??? Clubs and nightclubs to keep you going all night long!



In mid-September, a major craft fair with 2,000 m² of marquee space will be held in the marina to welcome around a hundred exhibitors at the "Journées Corses de l'artisanat et du savoir-faire". On the programme: cultural and sporting events, dance evenings and concerts of Corsican polyphony, and meetings with craftspeople and producers in a festive, friendly atmosphere.


At the end of April, it's a not-to-be-missed event for fans of live entertainment, with a reputation that extends far beyond Europe's borders. Every year, the festival welcomes almost 6,000 visitors. It's a street theatre festival, showcasing the most traditional as well as the most contemporary arts: circus, puppets, storytelling, clowning, wandering, theatre and music. Dreams take over the town of Porto-Vecchio for 4 days.

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